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September 2009: Board of Regents recognized a need for Texas A&M University to continue to excel in petroleum studies and established the Berg-Hughes Center for Petroleum and Sedimentary Systems. The Berg-Hughes Center was named to recognize internationally renowned petroleum expert and distinguished professor Dr. Robert Berg. His generous financial support drove the mission of the Berg-Hughes Center and allowed students to participate in a rigorous petroleum geosciences curriculum. It was also named for the Hughes family, Dan A. Hughes and Dudley Hughes '51 and Dan A. Hughes Jr. '80 in recognition of their generous financial support and help with industry backing.  

May 2009: Six Aggies, acclaimed giants in the oil and gas industry, led a panel discussion with faculty and students from Geology and Geophysics, Oceanography and Petroleum Engineering. These industry leaders met with faculty and students to share their industry perspective on and support of the Berg-Hughes Center.

2010: Dr. Ernest Mancini '74 is named the first director of the Berg-Hughes Center.

2012: Chevron funds the Chevron Basin Modeling Center of Excellence under the Berg-Hughes Center.

2013 - 2017: Former ExxonMobil executive, Dr. Carlos A. Dengo '82, is named director of the Berg-Hughes Center.

2017 - 2022: Executive Professor Dr. Mukul R. Bhatia is named director of the Berg-Hughes Center.

Dr. Robert BergDr. Robert Berg
HughesDan A. Hughes ’51 and Dan A. Hughes Jr. ’80
Dudley Hughes '51Dudley Hughes '51

Naming Founders

  • Dan A. Hughes ‘51
  • Dudley J. Hughes ‘51
  • Dan Allen Hughes ‘80


  • Bill Barkhouse
  • Carlos Dengo ‘82
  • Will Green ‘53
  • John A. Humston ‘72
  • Tom Kelly ‘53
  • Dustin Marshall ‘75
  • Dan Pedrotti ‘53
  • Thomas Ruffer ‘81
  • Clayton Williams Jr. ‘54
  • R. Ken Williams ‘45
  • Billy Perkins ‘84
  • Friends, Family and Former Students of Dr. Wayne M Ahr ‘65


  • Kellam Colquitt ‘70
  • Doug McGehee ‘81
  • John O. Hastings Jr. ‘84
  • Bill Dark ‘54
  • Josephine Berg
  • Dick Findley ‘72
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